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The universe of the streaming is ample, with thousands  of gamer who, every day, transmit their game sessions, as well as many fans who are looking to have a good time watching someone play and chat while the transmission is active. Daily new players are added who want to share their experiences with the rest of the world and because of this it is difficult to get away from others and generate a channel with constant progress. Personally, I think the rapid growth of a channel is based on three possible alternatives:

  • Distinctive content : material that we will not see on another channel, which is difficult to achieve since there are hundreds of channels constantly transmitting different genres of game, talk shows and more.
  • Professionalism : if you are the best in some game and prove it, possibly scales very fast.
  • Constancy and charisma : a relatively constant frequency of transmissions and your personality can generate recurring visits. Personally, I think it’s the most feasible option and it only depends on the mood and perseverance of the streamer (who performs the transmission).

Beyond these three alternatives, which I consider a plus to get rid of the rest, there are some tips or tips for transmissions that you can take into account so that these are better received among the viewers.


That your transmission does not suffer cuts is key to keep people interested. Not only do you need a more or less decent Internet connection, but you should also check that the configuration of your capture or software to transmit is correct. Before you go to your first “live cricket streaming“, perform the tests that you consider necessary to ensure that the margin of error is very low. Streaming is a happy streaming!


The audience wants to know that you are there for them and read them. Interact with your viewers: if you see a new nick greeting him, ask him how he is. Try to remember anecdotes or something that tell your viewers so that a future transmission can ask them about it. Creating a link between who makes the transmission and the viewer is essential for the latter to feel part of the channel.


Do not stay in one gender. Try to try different games, and if you come up with the possibility of playing multiplayer modes try to have people from the audience participate in those games.


It is advisable to maintain a stable rate of transmissions. For example three times a week, at relatively similar times. It is also good to incorporate some exceptions in the schedule to attract audiences from other regions, or people who frequent Twitch at times when they usually do not broadcast.


Pay attention to the criticism of your viewers. If someone has a problem with your transmission try to solve it. If the microphone volume is too low, set it better, do not scream. If the webcam obstructs a fundamental part of the game screen, modify its location. Your viewers have to be comfortable to entertain and enjoy the game.

To all who are beginning in this world, I recommend patience and, above all, a lot of energy. With perseverance and generating an atmosphere of joy in each of their transmissions they will be able to generate a recurrent stream of users. Enjoy what you do  and never do transmissions if you are in a bad mood best example is cricfree, so you do not leave the “new” with a bitter taste that will make you want to see them again. If you want to share your channel, you are welcome to do so in the comments of this note, as well as your personal advice or experiences. Stream ON!

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